Major Projects Data Sources

All information used to populate the major projects database are from publicly accessible data sources. These data sources include electronic media, news outlets, construction journals, developers, architects, general contractors, and federal, provincial, and municipal governments. Projects proposed to be funded by the provincial government may be listed where there is publicly accessible information available. The project description may indicate what amount of provincial funding will be contributed to the overall capital cost.

Project Location

Projects are listed according to their address, if available. If no precise location is available, the location will be displayed as the nearest population center. The projects geographic location is represented by the CSD (census subdivision) area.

Estimated Cost

The major project database displays projects with a capital cost of $5M or greater. Major project cost estimates are from the information sources used and are not necessarily produced in a consistent manner. The estimated costs are revised when new, credible information is available. All estimates are recorded in millions of dollars.

Start and Finish Dates

The major projects database only displays projects that are a maximum two years from beginning construction. Projects that typically take longer for regulatory approval could be within the database when ground-breaking is projected to be beyond two years (such as oil and gas projects). Start and finish dates for proposed projects are based on estimates from the sources used, or in some cases, reasonable assumptions. These dates are revised as new information becomes available.


Projects are listed by status: proposed, under construction, completed. Projects that are on hold for longer than two years are normally removed from the map (although retained in our database). Canceled projects are noted in the project description as “canceled”.